Night Game Drive Lake Manyara National Park


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Lake Manyara National Park is considered an ideal location for this activity. Lake Manyara is said to have 11 ecosystems with the lake, rift valley cliffs, ground-water forest, Ngorongoro highlands and the dry Tarangire system all close by. It is a melting pot for all types of animals and plants. Lake Manyara is richly in the reliable waters year round and animals here are in prime conditions making wildlife viewing even better. The lesser seen animal is generally active at night.

Dinner will not be provided during night game drives and so guests are required to have an early dinner at a lodge/hotel or Tented Camp/Public Campsite.

The Game drive starts from Lake Manyara National Park gate at 19:30 hours. Here you will be introduced to your guides and be given a brief introduction talk about what you do and do not while on a night game drive. Your drive should start around 20:00 hours from where you head into the thick ground-water forest of Lake Manyara. Porcupines, genets and civet cats are frequent visitors to the forest. From the forest, you will drive down towards the hippo pool within the park to see the Hippos  which are nocturnal animals (active by night) and it is highly likely to see many of these beasts grazing on the side of the road. It is a rare sight to see a hippo out of the water.

From here, you will proceed with the game drive to see more animals, some of which are rare and inactive during day time. Leopards will be easily spotted and other animals, including: Lions, wandering elephants, antelopes, and so forth. Later, your driver will return back through the ground-water forest and have you back at the park gate around 22:30 hours.

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