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Zorilla Safaris And Treks is owned locally in Tanzania for Tanzania safaris, mountain trekking, bird watching, cultural tours, etc. As well as, for beach holidays and many more of your interests, from one-day to multi-days. Each safari or trek is tailor-made to meet your budget and time! All safaris and trekkings are in a style that always focuses on the safety, quality, and comfort of individuals or groups.
Safaris And Trekking
Popular safaris are to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha, Mkomazi, Mikumi, Ruaha National Parks, Saa Nane Island National Park, Lubondo Islands, and so on. Our trekking trips are mainly based on trekking Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Treks to Mount Ol’Doinyo Lengai, Mount Hanang, and others can be arranged too.
At Zorilla Safaris And Treks, we offer three levels of pricing to ensure that we cater to any budget. Our pricing includes Budget, Mid-Range, and Luxury options. We always strive to provide the best value regardless of the budget. Our goal is to make you feel that you have received more than the value of your money. We aim to ensure that you take home with you some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

  • Adam
    15 July 2019 Unfortunately - I tried to put a TripAdvisor review. I do not know why, I can not do it. Here is this review: Stanley Bupamba Mbogo - I am recommending this guide to everyone who travels to northern Tanzania. Extremely devoted, honest, he has great knowledge and knowledge of the area. This applies to national parks, Kilimanjaro, the area around Lake Wiktoria. I give his mail: stanley.mbogo2001@gmail.com
  • Anna Vvogeler
    I am really truly thankful that we met you, Stanley Mbogo. I trust you completely and hope we can arrange another trip with you! It would be great and if you have any cards by then (you can also send me a flyer of yours or your contact-card as an attachment) then I would be more happy to give them to friends and to other people I know that are working and travelling around Arusha, so they can book further trips with you. Heri kwa mwaka mpya (Happy New Year, 2016)  :)! Anna Vvogeler Germany  
    Anna Vvogeler
  • Aron and Narissa
    My wife and I travelled with Stanley Mbogo this year, 2011 from June 9th-June 25th.  The first week of our trip, we spent on successfully summiting Kilimanjaro, and the following week we spent in exploring Arusha.  I would first say that we were trepidation about booking our trip.  It seemed I always had to make a choice between large tour operators with a great website, or work with referrals from Lonely Planet or other websites.  We were turned off by many of the large operators with nice websites as we felt we didn’t want a packaged tour experience, and so we made the choice to follow a small lead on a travel website, which ultimately lead me to Stanley.  It was also our first trip to Africa. I was required to wire funds internationally, and was unable to use a credit card, but the rates I found with Stanley compared to comparable services were much better, and we were assured we would have a private trek up the mountain, and in the Safari vehicle.  We hesitated, but decided to send the money.  Between trip preparations, and everything else that we have going on in life, I still found time to worry about whether I made the right choice of operators.  I worried that after all the money we sent no one would be at the airport to pick us up, or maybe worse.  I also worried that the tour provider wouldn’t meet my expectations on such a great travel opportunity. It took us 40 hours to finally arrive in Kilimanjaro Airport, and I more than once thought about what I would do if no one was there to meet us.  Needless to say, as I walked out of the airport, Stanley and our cook Masanja were waiting, holding a sign with our names printed on it.  They instantly took our backpacks off our backs, and guided us to our awaiting Land Cruiser.  From that point forward they were nothing short of the most gracious hosts I have had in any country I’ve travelled to.  Stanley was very experienced in climbing Kilimanjaro, and while he wouldn’t make the trek with us, he made a gear inspection to assure that we had everything necessary to get to the top.  He told us he would arrive at the hotel the next day at 8am to begin preparation for our trek, and he was there.  He and our lead guide rapidly assembled a team of 11 support staff that would accompany us up the mountain.  Stanley’s leadership and connections were very important as we rounded up provisions, aligned logistics, and made our way to the start of our trek. At the end of our trek, Stanley was equally timely in picking us up from the bottom of the mountain.  After a single night in Arusha he had us out on the Tanzanian countryside.  On Safari our experience was phenomenal.  I never expected to see nearly the array of animals we saw, nor did I expect to see them as closely as we did.  Stanley truly has a sense of where animals will be, and is a great animal spotter, which is skills that seem very rare.  I’m not sure if we were lucky, or if it was through our guide’s great skills that we were able to come within meters of Lions (we saw maybe 50 lions up close while there and a pride of 12 newborn cubs), multiple Leopards and cheetahs (both with cubs/hunting), and many other animals.  He was also AMAZING at spotting birds that I’m sure other guides would miss.  One thing I will remember about Stanley is he took care of us as his clients.  Earlier in our trip (in a hotel we booked independently) our binoculars went missing.  While this was not Stanley’s, he personally confronted the hotel keeper for us, and within 30 minutes his wife was at our Land Cruiser with some trusty binoculars for us to use.  I didn’t feel a large tour organization would have provided us the care he provided. I once asked him a question about Masai culture that he was unable to answer, and he went out of his way to hunt down the right answer, which turned into a great adventure on its own!!! Masanja, our cook, is a great person, and a great cook.  What I will remember most about him is that he saved our empty water bottles, and he would fill them at the campgrounds, and then hand them out to Masai children that we would pass on the Serengeti.  I will also remember the meals he prepared – most of which were Tanzanian dishes, cooked to European/American standards.  If you go with them Masanja makes great boiled bananas with beef. I would not hesitate to travel with Stanley again.  One benefit of his service is that many tour operators don’t even function in Tanzania; they’re in the UK or Canada or Britain, etc., and is only in it for the mark-up.  Stanley truly cares about his business, and all the details of running a hospitable tour.  Everything from the tents, to the food, the reliability of the Safari vehicle (we heard and witnessed vehicle horror stories, but Stanley has a great truck) and the quality of Stanley’s English were fantastic.  I have to admit, I’m actually considering going back on this tour, rather than exploring a new part of the world in the months to come.  Of all the places I’ve been (both guided and unguided,) this may be the greatest single vacation I’ve been on!
    Aron and Narissa
    Colorado, USA
  • Bart Vandeplassche
    09/18/13 It was a wonderful experience to travel with Stanley in Tanzania. He is a really good guide/driver! The stay in Emayani beach lodge was very fine (but expensive!). It wasn’t possible to make a day tour from Pangani because it is too far to the tar road… We went snorkeling with Kasa divers and that was much fun (but expensive) and the second day we used the kayaks on the rough sea = fun again. The boat to Zanzibar (= Ali Choba) took about 2 hours on a very rough sea. It was nice and fun in Pangani, but if I would make the journey again I would take the plane from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar. So there is no long ride from Moshi to Pangani, no expensive stay in Emayani, no rough boat ride and the snorkeling was even better in Zabzibar. In Emayani we were the only guests (this is what you say about the strange peak season!). On Zanzibar we had a very nice stay in Seles bungalows in Matemwe, especially the food was very fine. Since all the roads on Zanzibar are tar roads, you can reach every place you want to go in less than an hour! We went snorkeling (Mnemba island), visited Jozani forest (= apes) and we went swimming WITH dolphins in Kizimkaze. Our last days we stayed in Fungini palace in Stone Town. Stone town is a beautiful place and here we also went snorkeling around Bawi island. Bart Belgium
    Bart Vandeplassche
  • Eva and Jakob
    I often think about the time in Tansania and the time we spend with Stanley and Masanja on safari. It was such a great experience with the wild animals and these great guys. It´s not easy but Stanley taught us a lot and I´m happy to spend the time with him and to get to know him. Eva and Jakob Germany
    Eva and Jakob
  • Ian Williams
    In April 2015 we travelled to Arusha for a safari through Tarangire NP, Lake Manyara NP, Mt Kilimanjaro NP, Ngorogoro Conservation Area and Arusha NP. Our guide Stanley Mbogo arranged all of our accommodation, entry permits, itinerary and meals based on several discussions about what we wanted to see and how much time we had. Stanley worked very hard to ensure we had a wonderful African safari experience. As a photographer I was keen to get some great shots of as many birds and animals as possible, I was thrilled with the results, a selection of which can be seen on my Flickr photostream – https://www.flickr.com/photos/132154926@N04/albums Stanley was very knowledgeable about all of the local birds and wildlife and made sure we all saw each of the birds he had spotted which we had often not even seen. We were able to take photos of hundreds of species of birds which Stanley was able to name for us, and in only a few rare cases we were able to look them up in Stanley’s reference books. Stanley selected lodges close to each of the national parks which were very comfortable and matched to our budget. Our whole trip went very smoothly and I would have no hesitation in recommending Stanley’s services to anyone wishing to experience a once in a lifetime African safari journey. Ian Williams Melbourne, Australia.
    Ian Williams
    Melbourne, Australia
  • J Stevenson
    December 24, 2012 Stanley Mbogo set up and took us on a 2-day safari out of Arusha, TZ. It was great. I’d highly recommend him! J Stevenson (Board Member at South West Colorado Concerts)
    J Stevenson
  • Karen Churches
    WOMEN’S GREAT KILIMANJARO TREK 2005 ‘Hello to you, the best English group leader I’ve ever met You played your role greatly by showing and reflecting your professionalism not only to the Mzungu team but also to the crew (guides, cooks and porters). The whole crew have since then been talking fondly of you and your exceptionally unprecedented leadership over the week-long duration you, together with your people had positively experienced on Mount Kilimanjaro with us.’ Stanley B Mbogo Chief Guide, Tanzania Karen Churches. Karen Churches, Book Motivational Speaker Karen Churches
    Karen Churches
  • László Zádori
    March 22, 2015 Stanley was my tour guide in Tanzania, where he drove us to Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire National Parks, and also to Pangani, a small village on the ocean shore. He is a very skilled safari guide, whom I would recommend for anyone who is traveling to Tanzania. Thank you Stanley for the great trip! László Zádori (Online Marketing Specialist at Gano Excel Hungary )
    László Zádori
  • Margy Zuluaga Fernandez
    Hi, I am Margy, Dutch Caribbean girl who was so fortunate to hike with this amazing team up till the top of the Kili. It started as an informal conversation in a restaurant in Arusha between Stanley, me and a friend of mine (Stany). I wanted to do the trek up the top as symbol for a project I designed to promote hiking among youngsters. Stanley was very friendly and picked us up to show us around in the area. He offered me an excellent price for making this trek. I had limited time, so I could only do it in 5 days. He, his son, Masanja (chef) and Masoud (guide) took great care of me during the trek. They gave me tips about the speed of the hike, breathing exercises, prepared delicious and nutritious food for me in order to continue the trek and accompanied me every minute with a big smile and many jokes. I think without them all I would not have made it to the top. My spirit was lifted up by this amazing people!! Although my physical condition was not as good as the many experienced hikers doing this, the team fortified my state of mind which led me to a great achievement in the end. I still remember the many tears running down my face when reaching the top and the big team hug following. Thanks guys for one of the most awesome things I have done in my life! Cheers, Margy Zuluaga Fernandez
    Margy Zuluaga Fernandez
    Dutch Caribbean
  • Markus
    Dear Stanley, I, herewith, would like to say thank you very much for ‘your’ personalized work, service and friendship which was much more than first class professional work. You always watched out if we do well, you always have been watchful guiding us on our way and amongst big and/or dangerous animals. This safari adventure with you always will remain in my mind as a very special memory. Thank You!!! I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season, a good ending of 2015 and health, success and happiness in 2016! All the best Markus
  • Rob, Debbie, Thea, Jasmine
    11/19/11 We really enjoyed the safari and are thankful to Stanley Mbogo was our guide.  Without question, his determination to make certain that we experienced the most made our trip that much more special. Without question, he is a talented guide, and we owe him many thanks for making our experience memorable. I continue to tell stories of our adventure on the Serengeti and he is now known as a famous game tracker in my country. There are additional photos at:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/68520062@N02/sets/72157627745423643/detail/  Rob, Debbie, Thea, Jasmine Canada. Email: charukr@transcendcomm.com
    Rob, Debbie, Thea, Jasmine
  • Sabine
    Dear Stanley, We thank you one more time for having taken us to the most exciting places and to have made this week in Tanzania unforgettable for us, « german family »!! Ganz liebe Grüße With very best regards Sabine