Ballooning Safaris


Hot Air Ballooning safaris in Tanzania is an exclusive excursion over the Serengeti plains or Tarangire National Park. It’s offering unparalleled panoramic views of awe-inspiring landscape. 

The Balloon flight reporting time at Launching Site is at 6:00 am. Passengers arrive in time to watch the balloon inflation as the pilots torch the colored fabric to life before it takes off at 6:15 am. The flight lasts for approximately 1 hour and, each one flies a different path and following the prevailing winds of the day.

It is a very popular excursion for clients with interest/s in spending a little extra time for this excursion. It is an additional activity to any safari trip itinerary of one night or more in the Serengeti or Tarangire. Therefore, it incurs additional costs of the safari, be it of a lodge or public camping. 

There are two to four balloons fly each day over the Serengeti, and only one balloon flies over Tarangire. Each balloon has a capacity of only 12 people.

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