About Us

Zorilla Safaris And Treks was founded by Stanley Mbogo. As a locally owned and operated concern, visitors can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge of the team available. With the team, the visitors will share the cultures, mountains, and the country’s vast game viewing areas.

Here is the team
Stanley B. Mbogo, the Founder and Managing Director. He is a professional and long-experienced guide for mountain trekking, and wildlife safaris.
Wilson Bupamba, a professional and experienced guide. He guides for safari and mountain trekking trips.
Hesbon Gohoti, a professional and long-experienced guide, guides on mountain trekking trips.
Masanja Ikungura is a professional and long-experienced cook. He cooks for wildlife camping safari and mountain trekking trips.

About Our Wildlife Safaris

Our safaris are to all Tanzania National Parks, Game reserve, Forest reserve areas, and Historical Sites. Our safaris range from one-day to multi-days! Our visitors/guests can observe the animals in their natural habitat from our specially designed 4×4 Safari cars. These safari cars are Toyota Land Cruisers with pop-up roofs that allow easy and proper animal viewing and photography!

Tanzania is home to more than 430 mammal species like elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Zebras, Hippos, chimpanzees, and over 30 antelope species. The reptiles are Nile Crocodiles, Nile Monitors, snakes, etc.

Our safari cars are-fitted with bucket seats with armrests, two-way long-range frequency radios for communications. Also, they have inverters with power sockets for charging the mobile phones, and camera batteries. Besides, they have mini-fridges or cool boxes for cool drinks, First-aid kits, and fire extinguishers. The other useful items are animal and bird books, and at least one powerful pair of binoculars (Swarovski, Leica, etc)

About Our Treks

Zorilla Safaris and Treks organize guided-trekking trips up Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mount Ol’donyo Lengai. Mount Ol’donyo Lengai, the active volcano in Tanzania is considered by the Masai tribe as the Mountain of God! 

The other mountains we operate on are Mount Hanang, the Pare Mountains, the Usambara Mountains, and others. The treks, like our safaris, offer the ultimate in safety, comfort, and high-quality service! We aim to deliver quality services to our customers and to honor our commitments!

If you would like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or any other mountain or you wish to go on safari or have questions about variations of our itineraries, please, contact us at info@zorillasafaris.com. We’ll arrange a climb or safari based on your specific desire.