Tanzania is one of Africa’s best bird watching destinations. With counting of more than a 1000 species it is truly a paradise for bird lovers. In a 2 week trip with Zorilla Saafaris and Treks in Tanzania birder might probably see more than 300 species, including the rare European Roller, White-headed Vulture, Matial Eagle, African Hoopoe, Spotted Eagle Owl and Long-crested Eagle. Also endemics like Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Spike-heeled (Beesley’s) Lark, Usambiro Barbet, Rufous-tailed Weaver, ect.

We also do organize and guide tailor made bird watching excursions and long trips based on a single day to multi-days upon requests. On these trips, the bird watchers get the opportunities to see as many bird species from normal, rare and endangered to endemics as they available in Tanzania’s National Parks and Bird Sites.

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